The LUX Villa

ChooChuen Co., Ltd.

Elevating the quality of life to our resident’s most satisfying level has always been our intention from the start. A real estate company made up of a collective of people from all walks of life with backgrounds such as businessmen, marketers, designers, architects and even advertisers, we intend to build the best residential compound for all of our residents. With the rapid growth of the economy, we got together to share each and every unique idea to create the most pleasant environment for all.

It’s no surprise, with all of our diverse ideas and individuals, that our real estate development wasn’t designed solely on the idea of beautiful architecture but also the idea of designing a lifestyle for our residents. We embrace the idea of being creative and beautiful, whether referring to the overall look of the homes or the lives of the people living in them. With that, a genuine and unique project that cares for every detail of life regarding a modern lifestyle was born.

The LUX Villa

All of our 25 units were created for the best possible quality of life and a lifestyle so perfect you would never want to leave. So much care and attentiveness were put into all of our individual houses because as a company that always seeks the highest quality, we enjoy putting in every little detail.